The Addition of Preservatives


The quality of our products are deeply affected by having a shorter shelf life without the use of preservatives. Within this past decade consumers were told the horrors of preservatives being used in products with a one-sided slate, that they are harmful. Due to the imbalanced investigation of the many preservatives available consumers lacking understanding of their real importance started demanding more products be made without them.


On the surface body products without preservatives  are a great idea and a feasible one if they are used  immediately. However what American Aboriginal Woman Body Care has found is most purchases are not used immediately and often shelved for a extended period which is not good for products without preservatives. The wonderful rich  oils in our products can become rancid and a increased possibility of growth of bacteria on products that has been opened can happen with the passing of time.


Truth be told rancid oil does not negate the beneficial elements contained within the oil but it does changes the smell of any products that contain it. As a producer of natural products the last thing we want is for our soaps stored on our customers shelves to change from a fresh light scent to that of oxidated oils so we spent many days looking into our options. 


Starting  June 2016 we will be using Optiphen and Phenonip preservatives in our lotions, creams, and liquid shampoos  to avert bacterial growth as well as Grapefruit Seed Extract in our soaps and hair grease to prevent rancidity of the wonderful oils used to create them.